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"We put the profit in your pocket!"

Prism Products is an innovated supplier dealing with the most efficient state of the art tools for all applications,we are continuously changing to keep up with technology so that you can be more profitable.

Our technically advanced engineering staff can help reduce cost by reducing cycle times and improving tool life.  

We can save the average plant approximately $2,000 to $10,000 per month based on our advanced coolant technology. Qualichem's patented forumla improves tool life 200 to 600% based on materials machined.  The harder the material the better the results. Qualichem products can also reduce coolant usages from 30 to 50%.

Ask for your free coolant trial now!!  What have you got to lose?

Send us your print, and we will send you back our best tools to use. We are excellent at keying in on application engineering with optimization of feeds, speeds and tool life.

With over 20 years in the Metal Working Industry we will spec out tools needed and get your parts off the machine quickly so you are more profitable.